The Outdoors are for Everyone: Thrive Outside Day

This blog is a repost from the Delaware River Watershed Initiative.

Thrive Outside Day – Philly 2021

Time spent in nature positively contributes to healing and well-being. Our world is witnessing incredible upheaval and Americans across the country have taken to the outdoors in search of respite from COVID-19. The Outdoor Foundation 2021 Participation Trends Report recorded that 7.1 million more Americans participated in outdoor recreation in 2020 than in the year prior, the highest participation rate ever recorded.

On Saturday, October 16th, 2021, Thrive Outside Greater Philadelphia partner Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership hosted National Thrive Outside Day 2021. Neighbors from the area gathered for a We Walk stroll on the Circuit Trail in Tacony Creek Park, a beautiful green space that follows the Tacony Creek on its way to the Delaware River. Participants bird-watched, looked for animal tracks and learned about the trees that provide food and shelter for wildlife. After the walk, we gathered over a healthy breakfast and enjoyed special outdoor giveaways.

The Outdoor Foundation’s Thrive Outside Initiative awards multi-year, capacity-building grants to diverse communities to build and strengthen networks that provide children and families with repeat and reinforcing experiences in the outdoors. This community-led initiative is built by trusted local and national partners and is supported by three years of funding. Together, we’re working to create a more inclusive and accessible outdoor experience for all.

The Thrive Outside Initiative is focused on working at the grassroots level to empower communities to make outdoor recreation an accessible lifestyle for all. The Initiative awards multi-year, capacity-building grants to diverse communities to build and strengthen networks focused on providing children and families with ongoing experiences in the outdoors.

We believe that outdoor youth programming and public-private partnerships such as ours are working through strategic investments to break down the barriers for communities across the country to enjoy their parks, waterways, and outdoors.

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