The Keepers

Care about Tacony Creek Park? Become a Tacony Creek Park Keeper!

Upcoming Tacony Creek Park Keepers Meeting: Thursday, May 25 at 6pm. Register here.

We are a group of committed neighbors, and our mission is to provide opportunities for the community to connect with Tacony Creek Park to improve our health, lifestyle and well-being through nature, and to encourage the preservation of the 300 acre park for both the environment and the neighborhood. TCP Keepers is a registered Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Friends Group, supported by the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership. We invite you to join us in the ongoing restoration of this historic park and creek.

Somos un grupo de vecinos comprometidos, y nuestra misión es brindar oportunidades para que la comunidad se conecte con Tacony Creek Park para mejorar nuestra salud, estilo de vida y bienestar a través de la naturaleza, y aumentar la preservación del parque de 300 acres para mejorar el medio ambiente y el vecindario. TCP Keepers es un Grupo Registrado de Amigos de Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, apoyado por Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership. Lo invitamos a unirse a nosotros en la restauración de esta quebrada y parque histórico.

2021-2023 Tacony Creek Park Keepers Meetings

TCP Keepers Meeting 3/23/23
TCP Keepers Meeting 3/03/22
TCP Keepers Meeting 8/26/21
TCP Keepers Meeting 5/27/21
TCP Keepers Meeting 4/22/21
TCP Keepers Meeting 3/25/21

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