Tacony Creek Park Welcomes Fall with Wall-E and Daria!

We kicked off the fall season with two special events in Tacony Creek Park: A Movie Night on October 5th, and a World Music Performance on October 20th! Both were wonderful ways to educate the local youth about their watershed while creating fun memorable moments for the local community.

Under clear skies and evening stars, amidst perfect weather with the aroma of free popcorn for all who attended, we were joined by 175 friends and families to watch Wall-E, a lovable character that’s all about picking up trash and keeping things clean. While sharing and celebrating the care and use of our local Tacony Creek Park, SWEEP from the Philadelphia Streets Department gave out free recycling bins as children played educational games with our Creekmobile.

The kick off continued with Daria hosting music education and crafts where children and families created musical instruments out of natural and recyclable materials. We decorated tree branches to make sistrums – an ancient Egyptian instrument, painted coffee cans for percussion drums, and filled egg cartons with rocks and beads as rattle instruments unique to the genre. Also, Murals on the Move joined us with their colorful van bringing materials to make hanging bird feeders out of cardboard from leftover paper rolls. What a creative way to attract birds to your backyard!

We ended the afternoon with a musical performance by Daria, where everyone was invited to play along with their newly made creations.

We hope to see you at our next fall event, the Love Your Park Fall Festival!

A big thanks to the Fairmount Park Conservancy and the City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy for funding and sponsoring these events. We are grateful that we were selected to participate in the Movie Night and Performance in Public Spaces Programs.  Thanks to Mural Arts Philadelphia and Philadelphia Streets for participating, engaging, and providing resources to the local community.

A special thanks to our Tacony Creek Park Keepers who attended! Angel, Araceli and the family – no future park keeper went without popcorn on movie night. Thanks for helping out, volunteering your time, and getting the word out!

…and most importantly, thanks to all of you for celebrating with us. We look forward to seeing you again in Tacony Creek Park!

To view photos, click here.

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