Tacony Creek Park Explorer Kits

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Do you and your family visit Tacony Creek Park? We have created FREE kits in English and Spanish with activities to experience the park in a whole new way! These kits are for children from 3 to 12 years old and their parents, caretakers, or teachers.  

You can use the kits anywhere in the park, during any season. Filled with fun activities and tools, these self-guided kits — provided in a reusable canvas bag — are designed to encourage children to explore the outdoors and help any child become a junior scientist. We hope that these kits foster deeper connections and interactions for your family with Tacony Creek Park nature, and introduce you to new areas within the park.

An experienced local educator, Karen Lefkovitz, helped us create these four unique kits to enable families to connect with nature together. The themes are: Seeing Close, Seeing Far, Looking through Water, and Sounds! Each kit includes items to support the theme, such as a magnifying glass for Seeing Close or cardboard tubes as binoculars for Seeing Far. An adult kit includes items such as a first aid kit and thermometer.

Each kit also comes with a fun self-guided activity booklet, with activities that encourage kids to write down their findings and learn about things such as the weather, and plants.

We will provide families with one canvas bag and one kit. We will provide the next kit when you bring your bag back.

Interested in a kit for your family, group, or classroom? Contact Malcolm@ttfwatershed.org.

Learn more here about how we worked with the Indochinese American Council and Kencrest Early Learning Center to test the kits with community families in July 2023. This project is supported by the William Penn Foundation as part of the Tacony Creek Park Master Plan, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Scattergood Foundation, in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.