Sharing Thanks for Tacony Creek Park

More than fifty TCP Keepers friends and family came together for our annual TCP Friendsgiving dinner on November 16 at Panasian Buffet.

Keepers met new friends, and caught up with old, celebrating all of our shared Tacony Creek Park hard work and accomplishments this past year.

Everyone enjoyed participating in the ABCs of Thankfulness game, taking home some schwag, and seeing the newest TCP maps in 7 languages:

English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Haitian Creole, Arabic, and Khmer.

Attendees shared what they appreciate about Tacony Creek Park on raindrops.

These thoughts are shared below.

I am Thankful for…

Grateful for walking groups.
Group Walks in the park in the Spring and Fall.

Jogging and walking. Seeing nature.
I like to run, and I’m thankful for the trails in the park.
Bike Riding. Thankful for flowers and sunny days and fresh air.
No raindrops while walking!
I’m thankful for the beauty in the park. Going on walks is therapeutic for me.
The wildlife brings me so much joy, especially the deer.

I am thankful for the beautiful trees and flowers and the air we breathe.
I anticipate the spring flowers and greenery combined with more artwork sprinkled around the trails.

The oldest and most diverse trees in the park (Beech, Maple, Oak, and Tulip Poppers)
I am thankful for animals that are in the forest or at the park.
I like sitting down at the park taking in nature.
I’m thankful for the trees because they give us oxygen so we can breathe.
I’m grateful for the many ways Tacony Creek Park protects the neighborhood from flooding.
I’m thankful for the water in the creeks.
Walking past the creek.

I’m thankful for always keeping Tacony clean and green and free of trash.
I’m thankful for everyone that tries to help when they can.
I’m thankful for my family, friends, and the volunteers that take time to clean and maintain the park.
I’m thankful for my life and all the nature that surrounds me. I love the universe.
I’m thankful for God and Jesus for all he has done. Blessed to help the park when I can.
Conserbar los bosques limpiar los Rios cuidar todos los animals del bosque no tirar busura y no contaminar el aire.

The flowers on the trail. The paintings.
I’m grateful for the foraging walks, the trails, & the beautiful scenery. Thank you TTF!

Thankful for birdwatching in the park.

Walks looking for food foraging.

I am thankful for community-based projects at the park that bring us all together and out in nature.
Ferko Park Because of the beautiful Murals and statues and nature.

I am thankful for Pepe/Grandpa, mom, uncle, aunt, and sitter. Plus, everything I own.
I am grateful for my family/pets and for every nice person
I’m thankful for life!
Estoy Agradecida de tener ami familia a mi lado con salud y bienestar.
Estoy agradecido por lavida y porque me voy a convertir en papa.
Estoy agradecida por las oportunidades de vivir en este pais y lograr todas las cosas que esonado y ademas de estart aounto de lograr tener una familia.
Thankful for the Whitaker & Loudon entrance. After all these years, and after seeing so many other places, there’s no place like home.
All the daydreams inspired by the old driving range.

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