Shape the future of your Tacony Creek Park: Take our interactive survey!

Tacony Creek Park is one of Philadelphia’s urban watershed parks and a critical green space for Olney, Lawncrest, Feltonville, Juniata Park, and Frankford neighbors, as well as all of our city’s residents.

We need YOU to tell us what you think about the park! Community feedback is a valuable source of information to keep the park clean, safe, and an enjoyable place for all ages and abilities.

The interactive survey will aid us in forming our Tacony Creek Park Master Site Development Plan, which is currently being developed. It will only take 5 minutes to complete! The survey has questions that gather information about who visits the park and why, along with suggesting improvements to serve our residents and conserve our natural resources.

We want to know: what’s important to you? How do you perceive the park? What park program ideas do you have? What kind of improvements do you want to see? Why do you feel the park is important in your community?

There’s also a fun interactive portion of the survey that lets you spend $100 dollars on different areas to improve Tacony Creek Park, such as park maintenance, creek improvements, signage and park information, programs and activities, park amenities, trail improvements, programs, and activities. 

So, how would you spend $100 on the park?

TTF is excited to be partnering with consultant Natural Lands on the Master Plan process for the 300-acre Tacony Creek Park and the planned and partially constructed Frankford Creek Greenway.

This plan will encourage public use, strengthen connections with communities, and foster stewardship for this special part of the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed. Tacony Creek Park is located in the heart of some of Philadelphia’s most ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhoods, with many different languages spoken. 

The last Master Plan, completed in 1997, focused on park conservation and ecology. This plan centers on community input and equity.

Learn more about the Master Plan here.

Please take the Tacony Creek Park Master Plan survey to contribute your thoughts on how we can improve the park for our community:

Our Master Plan consulting team will use the information collected in this survey and other public outreach to develop options. You will be able to review and comment on the plan as it is developed.

Contact or 215-744-1853 with any questions. 

Thank you for your participation! Remember, your input will help shape the future of Tacony Creek Park.

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