River Alive! Learning Trail


TTF is excited to announce the “River Alive! Learning Trail” in Tacony Creek Park!

This environmental education experience is based on the River Alive exhibit at the Independence Seaport Museum, but on a neighborhood scale along Cayuga Street in the Juniata Park neighborhood.

Located next to Ferko Recreation Center which is adjacent to Tacony Creek Park, the trail includes six stations, each featuring a unique animal sculpture, seating, and English/Spanish bilingual signage for families to learn about the local watershed and nearby Tacony Creek.

The sculptures feature six animals that live in the watershed: fox, fish, turtle, heron, watersnake, and a river otter. Each sculpture will include an interactive water feature (a spout for the water to flow down) and an animal song, written by City Love and accessed via a QR code, intended to show that the animals are our neighbors and part of the diverse urban community. The song lyrics will appear on this page once the Learning Trail is installed!