Rain Gardens, GSI & Stream Restoration along Tacony Creek

Although it has taken us way too long to share this post, this in no way reflects our excitement about this project to stabilize and improve our stream corridor, Tacony Creek in Tacony Creek Park! This project will improve not only the creek and surrounding park area, but will improve the ability of park visitors to enjoy this stretch of stream.
This blog is a repost from the Philadelphia Water Department. Please find the original post here.


Current Status: Design, 70%


Project #40794 (Tacony Creek Stream GSI & Stream Restoration) is a green stormwater infrastructure project that will take place in/along Tacony Creek.

This project is a part of the PWD’s Strategic Watershed Improvement Plan for stabilizing and improving stream corridors and this work will directly support our 25-year green stormwater management program, Green City, Clean Waters.

As part of this work, the Water Department is planning to:

  • Stabilize several portions of stream bank along the Tacony Creek, just south of E Roosevelt Blvd.
  • For more information about this program visit: water.phila.gov/green-city.
For more information, contact:

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