Our summer intern has arrived: Meet Emmanuel!

Written by Emmanuel Hampton, TTF Intern

I have joined the TTF Watershed Partnership team! Apart from enjoying cool weather and lazing around with a good book, I enjoy the outdoors, being curious about my surroundings, and seeing new creatures in the summer heat.

This summer, I planned to do some kind of outdoor activity or job and found what I wanted via this internship! Presented through my school, Frankford High School, and with the position being an environmental job, it was a no-brainer. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and applied. After a few age complications, I am now here, ready to put hard work and effort into helping my community.

“Emmanuel here! I just want to say, it’s a pleasure to be getting more involved with helping the community and ecosystem.

I think my strength will help with many physical tasks. I also think my cleverness might help with problem-solving should any problem arise.

Summer is the perfect time to make changes (or at least that’s what I think) and set goals.

My goal for this Summer is to come back at the end better than I started. All I want is to push my boundaries and break my limits. To excel at any task no matter what it is. That’s my goal.”

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