Master Plan

We are proud and excited to share the final Master Site Development Plan for Tacony Creek Park with you.

Our first Advisory Committee met back in June of 2021. After two Advisory Committee meetings, three Public Meetings, a survey, and lots of conversations at both events and online, the consultant team of Natural Lands and Toole Recreation Planning have completed the plan. This plan has been provided to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and funders, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Scattergood Foundation, and William Penn Foundation.

Thank you to the Advisory Committee and the many, many park neighbors who provided input as well as their hopes and dreams for this critical urban watershed and neighborhood green space.

Now is the time for Tacony Creek Park neighbors, their elected officials, and stakeholders to come together to make this plan a reality.

Here are the plan’s Recommendations from the Executive Summary:

Structural improvements – new gateways that open access to the park and improvements along the trail corridor to welcome visitors and create welcome gathering places.

Programs – enhancements to current TTF programs that welcome all with bilingual programs for all ages. The plan recommends expanding on “special event” programming with regular after school, and recurring activities for all ages, especially youth.

Maintenance – staff levels consistent with national standards to provide restoration of natural areas, elimination of short dumping, and improved maintenance to create a park environment that residents deserve.

Eyes of the Park – a return of park personnel who engage with park users, addressing residents’ safety concerns.

You can access the Plan and the Appendices below. Contact us at 215-744-2853 if you would like a printed version.

You can read the Master Site Development Plan for Tacony Creek Park at various Free Library of Philadelphia locations. Pick up a copy at Wyoming Library, Greater Olney Library, Oak Lane Library, and Ryerss Museum & Library.