Garfield Refining & TTF Watershed Partnership Beautify Northeast Philly

This piece is a guest blog, written by the team at Garfield Refining. TTF is delighted to work with a partner as passionate and dedicated as Garfield Refining to keep our city healthy and make our green spaces even greener. Garfield partnered with us back on Earth Day 2021, and we honored them with the “Corporate Steward Award” at our 2021 Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony. We were so thankful for the recent planting and look forward to future efforts through the Golden Roots initiative!

Garfield launches Golden Roots campaign to plant 150+ trees in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and parks.

Along with our friends from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTFP), Garfield Refining launched its Golden Roots campaign at the Tabor Rd. & Olney Ave. trailhead of Tacony Creek Park last week, where 30 volunteers planted trees and refurbished flower beds. Over the course of 2022, Garfield will plant more than 150 new trees in the neighborhoods and parks surrounding its Northeast Philadelphia headquarters.

Planting trees in populated urban areas helps support healthy urban communities now and in the future. Urban trees help sequester carbon, reduce energy use, remove air pollutants, and help cool city streets. Shrubs and trees also act as natural barriers and filters for stormwater runoff, which makes for cleaner streams and rivers. Green spaces also provide safe spaces for communities to gather, help to reduce anxiety and depression and promote greater well-being for children and adults who live around them. 

Sustainability is in Garfield’s roots – a value core to our mission even when the company was founded in a small office near Old City more than 130 years ago. Every ounce of metal recycled with Garfield is an ounce that does not have to be mined; instead, gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are repurposed through a conflict-free and responsible supply chain.

Garfield has a history of giving back locally, and we believe that small and mid-sized businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. We take our obligation to support where we live, work, and raise our family seriously. We know that we aren’t alone in this, as small and medium-sized businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to local non-profits and community causes.  

Garfield is dedicated to local sustainability and environmental preservation throughout the US, Canada, and Australia, but there is no better place than home for Garfield to launch its Golden Roots initiative. Follow us with #GarfieldsGoldenRoots and #TTFWatershed to stay up-to-date with our other efforts throughout the year! 

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