Along with the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Water departments, we invite you to join us in the ongoing restoration of this historic park and creek. We offer fun, educational park activities from plantings, cleanups, and storm drain markings to nature and bird walks and our annual block parties!

Junto con los departamentos de Parques & Recreo y Agua de Filadelfia, lo invitamos a unirse en las labores de restauración de este histórico parque y quebrada. ¡Ofrecemos actividades divertidas y educativas en el parque, desde siembras, limpiezas y señalización de drenajes pluviales, hasta caminatas para la naturaleza y avistamiento de aves, y nuestras fiestas anuales de cuadras en la vecindad (Block Parties)!

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Can you find these plants and animals in Tacony Creek Park?

Aqua Marooned!

Aqua Marooned! is a new card game that premiered in the spring of 2022 at 20 environmental centers across three states connected to the Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River (AWE); all of which are participating in the region-wide arts initiative Lenapehoking~Watershed: a place for water art and culture. Created by Philly-based immersive experience company Swim Pony and meant to be played outdoors, the game’s beautifully-illustrated location-specific cards cast players as extraterrestrial explorers sent to explore earth’s mysterious “watersphere.”

Using vibrant pictures of plants, animals, and the environment as well as a cast of playful alien characters, the game seeks to create a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages and experience levels. FREE card decks are offered at all events in Tacony Creek Park! We also have an expansion pack specific to the park.

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